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Awana 2017-2018

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Awana Clubs are an exciting opportunity for our children to benefit spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally from each weekly meeting. Our Awana clubs offers a positive, loving atmosphere. Through Awana, our children can develop their social skills such as sharing, listening and relating to others. Through achievement and awards, our children will gain a sense of accomplishment that leads to future successes in all areas of life. The heart of Awana is its biblical stand that stresses the preeminence of the Word of God. The great Scripture verses on salvation and Christian growth are the core of all the Awana achievements.

***PARENTS*** - On the Who’s attending screen when registering please select Yourself as well as the Someone Else option for your children. This will give you the opportunity to confirm or update the information we have on file.

  • $20Child
  • $0Parent
  • $0Volunteer

Group Discounts

  • $10 off for each Child after the 2nd
  • $20 off for each Child after the 3rd

Optional Add-Ons

  • Cubbies Uniform Vest: $11
  • Cubbies AppleSeed Handbook with Audio CD: $11
  • Cubbies AppleSeed Handbook Music CD: $7
  • Cubbies Book Bag: $7
  • Sparks Uniform Vest: $11
  • Sparks Handbook with Audio CD: $11
  • Sparks Handbook Music CD: $10
  • Sparks Book Bag: $6
  • T&T Shirts (Blue): $8 - $16
  • T&T Handbooks: $11

Event Details

  • September 14
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • September 21
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
  • September 28
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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